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Gentle & Honor was established in Taipei in 1976 by the president Mr. S.K.TSAI, with specialized technology offering a variety of stamping metalwork and tooling design services.

After the OEM cooperation with SHIH-LIN, the leading automotive tier-one manufacturer in 1986, Gentle & Honor started to supply auto parts such as Relay, Windshield Washer Pump, Wiper Linkage and Solenoid A-Shift Lock to the automotive and motorcycle OE, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Yamaha in Taiwan.

For many years, we have followed a principal to provide the best quality products, assuring customer satisfaction through exceptional product innovations. It provides our clients with the competitive edge in their respective markets.

With the advantage of China's large labor force and increased market demands, our China factory was established in Dong Guan in 1996. The benefits that we have are combining our specialized technology with experienced management from Taiwan and the large labor force with the lower cost from China, providing a comprehensive service yet competitive price to our clients.


水泵, 空调系统风扇, 继电器, 各式马达

公司名称: 信睦国际股份有限公司