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BIG TIME AUTO PARTS MFG. CO., LTD. captical of USD 2.90 millions has been managing as automotive auxiliary lighting equipments manufacturer & exporter since funded in December, 2001, annual sales turnover for 2001 is USD 10 millions.

Product range includes driving, fog, 3rd brake, off-road and work lamps, HID work lamp as well. Most products have been approved with SAE and ECE homologations. BIG TIME lives from continuous innovation. progress in quality & cost reduction. The emphasis of high quality and photometric know has ensured our position as a major supplier of auto auxiliary lights to the largest automotives.

BIG TIME has been working as an O.E. manufacturer to world largest car manugacturers and affer-market for more than 22 years. Due to our continuous improvements in both system of quality and services that have made our business relationships with our customers much closer today.


雾灯, 灯泡, 第三刹车灯, 警示灯, LED灯, 工作灯, 昼行灯, DRL, HID灯, 投射灯, 系列灯, 白天行车灯, 氙气灯, 太阳能多功能灯

公司名称: 铭岱实业股份有限公司