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With over three decades of experience in making furniture parts and accessories, Shou Teh Metal Ent. Co., Ltd. has long been devoted to the R&D of innovative parts and accessories (latches, hinges, and patch fixtures) for such glass furniture as glass cabinets, shelves, and display racks. Our glass patch fittings for K/D cabinets, newly developed after five years of effort, have patents pending in Taiwan, the U.S.A, Japan, and Germany,China.

Designed for easy height-adjustment and fastening of glass shelving and panels, our innovative stick-type patch fixtures allow any user to rapidly install and dismantle, allowing for easy arrangement of glass furniture in interior spaces and for space-saving packaging and storage of complete glass cabinets and shelves. Receiving orders in Taiwan, we have a factory in China taking care of production. We can also design and make patch fittings according to custom specifications and designs. OEM/ODM orders and cooperation with hyper-market chains are welcome.


把手, 陶瓷把手, 塑胶把手, 橱柜五金, 铰链, 门档, 磁铁门栓, 扣门环

公司名称: 守德金属企业股份有限公司