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- 1967 -
In 1967, the company was founded by Mr. Chin-chung, Hung located at Tahung City, Taiwan.
- 1975 - In 1975, the company was be moved to Taichung Industrial district. This move brought a turning point to expand the business policy. By the way, for to add some new equipments.
Golden Dragon is a manufacturer with more than 30 years experience in producing Hardware Hand Tools. The range of products is becomimg wider along with the company growing. We never reject any opportunity to developing new items to meet customer's request
- 1998 -
- 2002 - Of course, the quality of products always be concerned. The products of Golden Dragon were be proved by ISO 2002 in 1998. And successfully changing the edition to ISO 2001: 2000 in 2002.


C型夹, 螺栓切割器, 活动扳手, 电缆/电线/钢丝裁切器, 齿轮拔取器, 一般虎钳, 螺栓钳, 管钳, 虎钳及夹子, 木工夹钳, 拔轮器, 气动帮浦, 电钻架, 揽线剪, 钢索剪, 铁皮剪, 压端工具, 切管器, F型夹

公司名称: 金龙铁工厂股份有限公司