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Founded in 1978, we are a specialist manufacturer of auto parts. Our product line ranges from auto radiator fan & air-conditioner cooling fan assemblies and fan motors to blower fan motors and other associated produsts, Our strong R&D capabilities enable us to constantly provide new items to satisfy all customer needs.
High production capacity plus low production costs have also contributed to the great sucecess of our company.
Handling everything from mold development to parts processing in-houses, we provide customers superior products at competitive prices, with prompt delivery, plus a complete range of customer services.
We believe that only through ceaseless research, development and improvement can a company stand out and outrival competors in the industry.


空调系统风扇, 水箱风扇, 冷却水箱, 鼓风机, 马达, 冷气风扇

公司名称: 健业汽车材料有限公司