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We, Hua Ching Manufacturing Co., Ltd, have engaged in manufacturing wooden & plastic drafting tools and engineering & graphic supplies since 1976. We, specialize in manufacturing wooden T-Square and easels. Due to our premium quality and competitive pricing, we have obtained worldwide recognition.

Moreover, we manufacture a wide choice of popular gift items including hockey stick key chains, baseball bat pens and wooden oar pens. Cooperation with our customers to develop new items is always our priority. Your specifications would be most welcome.

Surf our web pages and discover our quality products. Thank you for visiting our web pages. If you should have any questions please contact us for further information.


丁字尺, 书架, 平行尺, 制图用具, 展示架, 教具, 喷枪, 圆筒, 三角板组, 钢尺, 绘图用品, 制图架, 画架

公司名称: 桦千企业股份有限公司