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ALLPRO, the largest Tin Snips manufacturer in Asia, founded in 1980, has produced many kind of Tin Snips and snap ring pliers with the best quality for more than twenty years. We have attained an excellent reputation due to our experience working with many importers, retailers or discount stores, etc. We also supply many well-known shears manufacturers by OEM, especially in Europe and America.
Our shears are made from especially manufactured drop forged alloy steels and are thoroughly tested for quality and precision, thus they could cut not only tough materials such as stainless steel sheet, but also cheesecloth. Furthermore, we have modern testing facility to monitor our products. So, we are proud of our quality control. Even though our current products meet U.S. Federal ANSI standards and the entire manufacturing process meets the requirement of ISO 9002 standard, we will never stop improving our products in order to meet the demand of our clients.


白铁工剪, 钢丝钳, 电缆/电线/钢丝裁切器, 弹簧钳, 铁皮剪, 钢材切割器, 电缆钳

公司名称: 皇盈企业股份有限公司