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台湾宇珅股份有限公司致力于卷杨机, 马达, 水泥搅拌机等产品及服务。


公司成立年: 1984
生产模式: OBM 自有品牌
外销比例: 80%
外销市场: 全球, 中东, 欧洲, 非洲, 亚洲, 北美, 大陆, 中南美, 澳洲/纽西兰
品牌: 昇阳牌
公司类型: 制造商, 设计及研发服务
优势利基: A dependable brand name in high quality electric hoist
Taiwan Winch Industrial Co., Ltd is a highly reputed manufacturer of various electric hoist. Based on our outstanding R&D capability and extensive experience, we have designed and manufactured the most comperehensive electric hoists for application in construction, household, store and factory, etc. At Taiwan Winch , we have a strong commitment to provide the best possible electric hoists for our customers. To this end, we will constantly strive hard for pursuing a higher level of gualty and performance for each electric hoist.

Research and development

Taiwan Winch's electric host have been sold and recognized by customers in domestic and many countries in the world. One reason for the excellence of Taiwan Winch's products comes from our total dedication to technological research and development. Our R&D staffs not only constantly develop new electric hoists to meet the market demands, but also continuously improve our existed hoists to achieve a higher level of performance. Our objective is to enhance each electric hoist from Taiwan Winch will provide the best possible perfarmamce and efficiency.

Rigorous quality control from begining to finish

Insisting on quality has been a tradition at Taiwan Winch since the compomy was established. We employ total quality control system to thoroughly control quality during each stage of the hoist manufacturing process.
Rigorous and comprehensive quality inspection are conducted before shipment, which ensure each product from Taiwan Winch will provide outstanding qualit and maximum dependability.


公司名称: 台湾宇珅股份有限公司
地址: 421 台中市后里区墩南里枋寮路17-2号
电话: 886-4-2557-1709
传真: 886-4-2557-8272
网址: www.winch.com.tw