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TECH LANE WOOD MFG was founded at Taiwan in 1975, China in 1992 as well as Vietnam in 2005. There are 33,000,000 square maters land with 3,300 workers in our China factory. Moreover, We have 189,000 acreage forest land in China. It is supply our own particleboard factory. We were specialized in wooden furniture.Being an Asian leading manufacturer and innovator,Tech Lane Wood Mfg thrives in the design, engineering and manufacturing of high-end wooden furniture. Our maximum output is 1,000 containers per month. Also we have big warehouse both in China and Vietnam factory. You can make huge quantity order for your hot items, we making and loading it warehouse at our factory, and you full pay by T/T within 3 days as DMI Co. It can be combine some items in one container and ship it to your different store or client as soon as get your e-mail instruction. You can save a lot of rental, men power and inland charge. Your profits is our priority.You can find more detail information of our specialization and products from our website www.techlanewood.com. You will get our quotation with photo within one day after your e-mail detail drawing with specification.We have been exporting many furniture to U.S.A., Australia, Europe and Middle East for 31 years. We import all OAK, Cherry, Poplar timber from U.S.A, and Pine from New Zealand. All of those timber are keen dry and fumigation before it shipping. We will running ERP system on this Oct. 31, also we will install one PU finishing line on Nov. we can make high-end furniture for you.


木制咖啡桌, 木制办公家具, 五斗橱/柜, 化妆桌/台/镜, 床头柜, 电脑桌, 组合橱柜, 档案柜, 应时桌, 软门桌, 书桌, 书柜, 木床, 橱柜, 木制桌, 木制椅, 餐桌椅, 碗碟柜

公司名称: 岢佳木业股份有限公司