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HC Sanitary is a professional bathroom integrator specializing in Faucets, Showerheads, Bath Furniture, Shower Panels, Sauna & Spa and modern designs and the products to develop and implement the ultimate enjoyment and luxury for our customers. We have been delivering new trend and functional products since 1978.We offer variety ranges of kitchen & both items; included the followings-. ※ Sink ※ Systematic Shower Units ※ Faucets ※ Bath Furniture ※ Showerhead ※All-in-One Shower ※ Bathroom Accessories ※Plumbing fittings and other related accessories.The core concept of HC SANITARY business is guaranteeing reliable delivery and quality assurance. Always answer the need and requirement without delay; to implement totally 100% satisfactory desire from all customers


水龙头, 莲蓬头, 置物架, 淋浴设备, 镜器

公司名称: 合成卫材股份有限公司