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Sticking to basics

Most people are aware of Taiwan's ability to design, develop and produce expectional 
quality products that fit specific market needs.

In a global market where each and every advantage makes a difference, Homeease sticks to the basics.

Good design. Good quality. And above all, customized services to match clients' expectations.

For more than 30 years now, Homease has been developing hot melt applicators and hot melt glue guns.

Homease Glue Guns can be divided into two mainstream segments; DIY(Handy Series) and professional(Heavy Series) use, a term mostly associated with frequent use for work-related applications.

Products are 100% Taiwan-made

By producing all of its products at its own facility in Southern Taiwan, Homeease is able to guarantee 
the overall quality, from design to the finish product. 

Each product is manufactured with the sole purpose of distinguishing itself from competition through 
design, function and application.

The one-stop glue gun shop

A quality product is a reflection of the entire team of specialists in each department, the commitment 

to excellence and the production facility itself. 

But ultimately, a good product is not enough. Importers the world-over have come to expect excellent 
customer service, clear and thoughtful communication, expert advice and technical support during the 
entire process; a commitment from start to finish. 

Homeease's factory is equipped with automated machines, ensuring product stability followed by prompt 
delivery. With Homeease experienced management and expert production teams, it has become the 
one-stop glue gun source it is today. 

Innovation is Homease's core business for which it has been rewarded with multiple world-wide Patents 
and International certificates that include TUV/GS & CE, UL, CSA and KETI. 

So if you are looking to strengthen your product range or find a supplier who thinks like a partner, 
you have come to the right place

We are good because we stick to the basics.


手动工具配件, 打糊枪, 标准型热熔胶枪/双温型热熔胶枪, 迷你型热熔胶枪/胶棒卡, 专业用热熔胶枪/配件, 工业用热熔胶枪/熔胶炉掌心板型热熔胶枪, 包装机器, 包装工具, 包装材料, 掌心板型热熔胶枪/熔胶炉, 胶枪


公司成立年: 1980
外销市场: 全球, 中东, 欧洲, 亚洲, 中南美
资本额 (美金): 3,500,000
公司类型: 制造商, 设计及研发服务, 出口商
专利认证: ISO 9001 Quality Certified.
Pursuing Quality Excellence,Establishing A Solid Enterprise Image.
公司名称: 宏镒工业股份有限公司
地址: 608 嘉义县水上乡中山路二段423号
电话: 886-5-268-8966
传真: 886-5-268-6876
网址: www.homeease.com.tw