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Jon Wai Machinery Works Co., Ltd. is the leader in innovation among Taiwan's manufacturers. Since 1971, Jon Wai Machinery Works has been building molding equipments.
For nearly three decades, our staff strove to satisfy the requirements for high-quality, energy-saving and high-performance machines as well as incorporating fast-cycle time, labor-saving and self-control systems. Innovation is our company's key activity.

Jon Wai Machinery Works is an independently operating company affiliated with the Taiwan Bottle Cap Corporation, a renowned business group in Taiwan. As Taiwan's top exporter of injection molding machines that caters to a worldwide clientele base, Jon Wai Machinery Works has set up sales and service centers covering 50 countries in the world.

Our excellent product quality, reliable performance and complete service has made Jon Wai Machinery Works well-known in the international market. Nonetheless, we will keep on working hard to remain amongst the best.


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公司名称: 琮伟机械厂股份有限公司