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Established in 1979, Du' s Electronic Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and marketing electronic switch, AC socket, DC jack, ear-phone jack, knob, indicator light, fuse, fuse holder, terminal block, relay, electronic connector, timer, battery holder, speaker jack, circuit breaker, AC to DC adapter, DC plug, synchronous motor, clip, banana plug, banana socket, test prod, binding post, potentiometer, etc.

Since 2000, Du' s has manufactured and exported a variety of auto switches and auto accessories to oversea markets, including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The switches we exported are mainly for auto, forklift, heavy duty, marine, bus, etc.

The auto accessories exported include led traffic baton, strobe light, battery clip, tire pressure gauge, cigarette lighter, portable hands- free ear phone kits, cellular phone connector, battery tester, auto fan, impact wrench, auto tester pen, car drink holder, inspection working light, revolving light, car waxer and polisher, air purifier, fuse, fuse holder, car telephone holder, battery booster cables, DC to AC power inverter, auto circuit breaker, cigarette plug, etc.

Our goal has been to offer you the best quality, price, and innovative products. We sincerely welcome your inquiry and will create value for your business needs. Catalog available upon request.


各式开关 AC DC插座 指示灯 旋纽, 接线端子台 电子夹 保险丝座 可变电阻, 吴熔丝开关 漏电断路器, 延长线座 同步马达, 调光器 定时器 断电器 控制用限动开关, 建筑用开关 插座, 汽车点烟器 警示灯 雪茄头

公司名称: 杜氏兴业有限公司