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At Tideway we manufacture and export blowers and vacuum pumps to satisfy a variety of applications. Our product line includes roots positive displacement blowers, water cooling roots blowers and roots vacuum pumps, EV type high speed Roots blowers and vacuum pumps, TWA / TWS type middle speed roots blowers and vacuum pumps, and TWW type high-pressure blowers and vacuum pumps.We also market the following equipment and accessories for the wastewater treatment industry: 1. Plate and frame filter press 2. Single and double belt filter Press3. Twin film disc type membrane diffusers PE-sintered tube diffuser4. Biologic contact media5. Linear diaphragm pump


鲁氏鼓风机, 空气泵, 散气盘, 汗泥脱水机

公司名称: 太暐国际股份有限公司