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Tong Lee Industrial Co., Ltd. always sets top quality as its prime working principle since its establishment in 1970. Professional features and the tight quality control make Tong Lee screwdriver win its worldwide reputation. As a member of the Global Village, we use cellulose acetate plastics, an environment-pollution free compound, to produce handles.During 1995, our company moved in to the new factory and at the same time purchased the latest automation equipment and systems along with precise testing instruments to increase the output and upgrade the quality of products. Hence, setting up a milestone in the course of supplying quality screwdrivers to today's global market.


螺丝起子/配件, 螺帽起子, 起子刀头, 可敲击螺丝起子, 条纹螺丝起子, 精密起子, 棘轮起子

公司名称: 东立工业股份有限公司
地址: 710 台南县永康市正北一路160巷15号
电话: 886-6-254-5077
传真: 886-6-254-4409
网址: www.tonglee.com.tw