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Since our company was established in 1977, we insist on the management concept of "Honesty and Sincerity" in the manufacturing of atomobile/motorcycle parts and accessories. We constantly pay a lot of efforts in the research and development by adopting the newest computer instruments and the strict quality control procedures in order to produce high-quality products.
In more than 20 years, our company has distrubuted our products to many countries and earned the respect and confidence of clients throughout the world. However, we were never satisfied at current achievement and we do believe the proverb of "Quality means the life of products." Therefore, all of our staff will progressively work together in order to provide the products with the best quality to our customers and look forward business stability and prosperity.


发电盘内仁, 电子点火总成, 稳压整流器总成, 闪光器总成, 起动马达, 继电器, 发电器, 交流电机全套系列

公司名称: 正龙科技有限公司