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EPL, Ever-Power Lighting is an advanced lighting system supplier. Our related groups include manufacturers such as Xenpow, EPE, Focus, ...etc. We provide a wide variety of lighting equipments and related components in our product series. These range from high efficiency electronic ballast, HID headlights for vehicles, building lighting, commercial lighting, DC-portable lighting units, metal halide lamps, Xenon lamps, UV lamps, flash lamps, and high quality quartz tube used in lamp industry, ...etc. Our vision and objective are very clear. We work hard in building good partnership with well-known local distributors worldwide. We hope that through our cooperation, we can deliver to the consumers up-to-date technology in lighting field. For every consumer, we hope to deliver them the most advanced, high quality lighting source and the best service, all at an affordable cost.

We welcome any interests and inquiries regarding lighting and will try our very best to serve your needs, whether it is at a personal level such as installation difficulties or demands, or at levels of commercial interests and business relationships. Feel free!


头灯, 灯泡, 其他外装配件, 改装车零配件, 气体放电式头灯

公司名称: 宏宝照明设备有限公司