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“ OMN Industries LTD ━ Offer Market Needs Industries LTD., is establishing a channel to meet the requirement from Worldwide Buyers, provide the newest AUTO-Accessories/Parts & Hardware products with the best Quality, Service and Competitively price.
More than that, we are always working to create new Ideal and products; base on our over 20 years working experience in Factories & Commercial Company, plus the Technique and Knowledge form the related Industries field.
The Vitally/Cordiality/Quality/Competitively/Flexibility is our Company Guiding Principle for every dealing case with us, No Matter the Sale Amount is large or small.

Please contact us today, tell us what you need. You will get what you are looking for right away.


后视镜, 装饰灯, 金属成型加工

公司名称: 集邦企业有限公司