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Established in 1994, Howell Auto Parts & Accessories Ltd. is a specialized in performance - tuning parts, auto chrome parts and accessories who is not OE follower but a performance - tuning parts designer, developer and manufacturer. Howell always insists the products high quality, reasonable prices, quickly delivery and satisfactory service. For this reason, Howell also insists his products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan due to he has a very professional R & D, quality control & inspection, manufacture and export experience organization.

The company has a wide range of products - interior & exterior of chrome plated parts, aero dynamic parts and tuning parts. In order to meet the high-end products requirement, the first class raw materials and technology are the number one selected. The following information is for your reference.

Chrome plated parts - #304 stainless steel, ABS with chrome plated.
Grilles - ABS raw material with "Glasurit" paint finished. #304 stainless steel with chrome moulding.
Aero dynamic products - PUR raw material with "Glasurit" paint finished.


仪表, 叶子板, 水箱栅, 雨刷, 轮弧, 车内灯, 车镜, 其他内装配件, 前后护栅, 霓虹牌照框灯, 后视镜盖+箭型方向灯, 晴雨窗, 车门中柱饰条, 门把框, 排气尾管, 扰流板, 踏板


外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 制造商, 出口商
公司名称: 聚彬实业有限公司
地址: 238 新北市树林区佳园路二段111-3号
电话: 886-2-8531-2727
传真: 886-2-8531-1717
网址: www.howell.com.tw