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We are a buying and sourcing agent for the world famous brand names. With many years expertise, experience and knowledge as well as very wide connections, we can help you to do the outsourcing successfully.

Besides Sourcing, we can be your ears and eyes in your supply chain.

We're in a very good position to offer you our best KIBS ( Knowledge Intensive Business Service ).

Knowledge is power. We are a group of knowledge workers. We can share our valuable business knowledge with you, and help you to create more business values, to use various resources wisely and re-shape your core and new businesses profitably.


头盔, 护具, 直排轮鞋, 冰刀鞋, 加热鞋垫, 滑板车, 袋子, 背包, 手套, 球迷产品, 走路杆, 滑板, 长板, 展示架, 运动服

公司名称: 泊洋国际企业有限公司