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J1 J2 Company Ltd. was established in 1991 and developing
the lock of cars and motorcycles. Our main products are car
gearshift locks, steering wheel locks, and special designed
locks for car manufacturer, motorcycle disk locks, normal
locks. Most of products have patent in many countries and
with good quality and out looking.

Our corporate factories are Taiwan Toyota, Taiwan
Mitsubishi, Taiwan Nissan, College and University car
departments etc.

Product Has Won the Following Prizes:
. National invention prize.
. Invention prized of Chung Shan technical.
. Technical prized of educational ministry youth invention
. Chinese scientific reach and invention prize.
. The best of security design prize in Paris, France.
. Copper prized for international invention, Pittsburgh
. Silver prized of world invention in Nuremberg, German.


Car Anti-Theft Card/Stick Gearshift Locks, Burglar-Proof Car Locks, Curve Key, Multi-Section Lock, Door Lock, Single Cylinder

公司名称: 万窃莫敌有限公司