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Brief introduction
For over ten years. KindShock has been involved in the development of superior bicycle suspension performance. Through continuous research and development. KindShock is proud to announce our 2005 product line for all types of bicycles. All varieties of terrain and the most demanding of riders.

KindShock products includes rear shock. Suspension seat post and stem. This provides a full-range of products applicable to everything from full-suspension mountain bikes and their riders who wish to push their limits. To casual recreation riders who seek a comfortable relaxed ride through the countryside.

Our various suspension components use either Air MCU or coil spring to isolate the rider from vibration and jarring. Most of the KindShock product line in hydraulically damped as well for greater performance.

Quality control is maintained in our factory through rigorous inspection of material and strict measurements of finished parts. KIND SHOCK also employs ISO9000 quality procedures to assure a well-assembled product ready to be added to your line up. The hightest industry standard of fatigue testing is used on all finished KINDSHOCK designs and is evident in the finished product.


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