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A leading designer and maker of construction equipment in Taiwan, KSF supplies a wide variety of lifting equipment as lifters for drywall, cargo, passenger and glazing, diamond core drills (capacity: 1”~24”), wall cutters and floor saws. With 45-plus years in the industry and R&D skills, we have multi-nation patented products that have won international invention awards.

To offer cutting-edge products, fast after-sales services, plus prompt, complete technical support, we are not only equipped with CNC lathes, milling machines and automatic welders w/robotic arm, but focus on systematic training.

Supplying well-built products that are highly-regarded in the market, we develop new products regularly to meet fast-changing demands. Prioritizing innovation, quality and service, we continue improving to achieve world recognition and sustainability. Contact us to learn more.


钻石空心穴钻, 手提式升降台, 物料搬运, 升降设备, 客货升降机, 升降机, 起重机, 物料升降机, 乾墙, 面板, 斤顶


专利认证: ISO9001: 2008
公司名称: 国胜丰工具机股份有限公司