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Sun Firm Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. is very reputable in the CNC heavy-duty lathe industry, the only one in Taiwan who is capable of manufacturing CNC lathes in accordance with all customers' requirements.
SUN FIRM's proven R&D amd exemplary commitment have received excellent comments from many buyers.

From better to ythe best, SUN FIRM builds Flat Bed CNC Lathes, High Speed Lathes, and Heavy-Duty Lathes, with specifications covening: swing over bed from 560-2000mm, distances between centers from 1m - 10m, and spindle bores from 3 inches up to 22 inches. Besides a full range of standard and large CNC lathes as well as high precision high speed lathes, SIN FIRM has rich experience manufacturing CNC lathes that deliver solutions for diverse machining problems. We have a particularly extensive background in machining large wheels, shafts, prinring rollers, pipe works amnd large molds.

Mary European and American manufactures buy from SUN FIRM, and our machines are used by The China Steel Corp. and China Shipbuliding in Taiwan. SUN FIRM heavy-duty lathes are built to last. X and Z axes are equipped with 60 degree high precision ball screws, efficient integration of machine amd electrical betworks for easy intallation, operation and service.Hydraulic systems automatically control spindles, 4-stage speed change ensures high torque output at low speed. Larger spibdle bores ( up to 22") with three, high accuracy roller bearings to support heavy machining are available. Meehanite one-piece casting machine structure, extra hard machin beds, and Cr-M gears with precision frouding treatment ensure low noise. A special machine headstock cooling device keeps the spindle working at a cinstant remperature for a much longer service peride. And SUN FIRM's complete and excellent after sales service for every machine we build means strong growth.


CNC车床, 立式车床, 巨型车床, 斜床式CNC车床

公司名称: 三锋机器工业股份有限公司