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Intercraft Company Limited is one of the largest electronic and machinery, and fixtures hardware manufacturing companies currently supplying our products to some of the biggest companies in the US. We manufacture on an OEM and ODM basis for some of the biggest brand names in the United States.We have an extensive range of products which includes materials such as solid brass, zinc die cast, stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic and plastics.We main products include the following:1) Electronic hardware, which includes instrumentation handles, components and fasteners.2) Machine and fixture elements.3) Parts for clamping and operating.4) Plastic thermoset knobs, handles, handwheels and levers.We are happy to provide you with our full sets of printed catalogues, and we will be delighted to hear from you.More information about us is also available at the following websites..


华司, 陶瓷把手, 橱柜, 橱柜五金, 塑胶零配件, 应时桌, 工业用把手

公司名称: 世际有限公司