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Parkson safety has established on 1978 in Taiwan, as one of leading PPE participate in the market. We have more than 20 people working for customers, corporate subsidiaries up to more than 20 factories. Most of them have good reputation and reliable for over 25 years. Our subsidiaries spread over China and Taiwan.
Product range including helmet, spectacles, goggles, welding helmet, ear protectors, respirators, masks, safety belt, safety vest, knee pad, gloves, road safety equipment and coverall. We have ISO certificate in 2002, and most product have CE, ANSI, CSA standard.


工业安全用品, 工业用口罩, 工业用护目镜, 耳塞, 焊接用面罩, 工地用钢盔, 面罩, 手套, 背心, 安全帽, 防护面具, 口罩, 不织布防护衣.头罩.鞋, 护膝, 防热手套, 焊接面/口罩, 道路安全设备, 塑胶链, 路面转弯镜, 路障(塑胶)三角锥

公司名称: 堡穗实业有限公司