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Cosmic Lighting was founded in the filed of conventional lighting industry since year 1976, and conducted a consecutive training aim to the capability of factory manufacturing to learn the lesson about lighting design, development, production and applications as well as the professional skills for residential, commercial, architectural, landscaping, water-proof, explosion-proof ,roadway lightings, and specifically functional lighting, plus any related projects.

After discipline of the past 20 years, we established a company named HSIN RONG Lamplit Equipment INC.in 1995 and introduced the new generation light source "H.I.D" to apply into various illuminations, such as glass fiberoptical lighting, L.E.D traffic signal, control system and digital lighting control. We have definitely owned our strength for many aspects of lighting field in a professional way.

In year 2002, we invested to this L.E.D lighting industry with all our strength, and meanwhile we were fully supported by a R&D team which is specialized in Led source for illuminate purpose. Last but not the least, in order to contribute to the community and popularize the L.E.D lighting with holding a concept of earth conserving, energy saving, carbon reduction and environmental-friendly, we have been working collectively and wisely toward to such areas as products' design, R&D, structure of packaging, optical design and manufacturing inspection for L.E.D lighting applications, even more to achieve the accomplishment on each test till the mass production.

Core business and technical field: Modulised for multiple chip packaging of high power led, structure, heat management and optical modulex.

Residential lighting, commercial lighting, public space lighting, roadway lighting, factory lighting, studio/stage lighting and particular lighting with water-proof and explosion-proof function.


LED灯具, LED指示灯, LED交通号志灯