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Established in 1993, Day Plus Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a ready-to-assemble furniture and home furnishing designer & manufacturer. In addition to producing in-house, we have a number of excellent manufacturing partners to work with us.

Our factory uses modern production machines instead of hand works, which can excel our competitors in the quality and prices.

We are devoted to providing topflight products at reasonable prices, plus to punctual delivery. OEM and ODM orders are also welcome.


橱柜, 沙发床, 休闲椅, CD架, 书柜, 书架, 摇椅, 竹制置物台, 压克力饰品展示架, 置物架/展示架, 杂志架, 沙发, SOHO 族工作站


公司成立年: 1993
公司名称: 达谱企业有限公司