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Estabilished in 1996, Demax Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a specialized exporter of auto & truck spare parts and manufacturer of oil seals and rubber products, which are globally marketed under the company’s own brand “DEMAX”.

Our Major Product Lines:
 “ DEMAX “ Oil seals and Rubber products
 Engine parts
 Brake parts
 Suspension & Steering parts, strut mountings
 Chassis parts
 Transmission parts
 Electrical & cooling parts, door parts
 Spare parts for automotives, trucks, trailers and some for forklifts, agricultural machinery…etc.

We own a very strong development and manufacturing capability for all kinds of rubber parts and oil seals, including rubber face seal, metal face seal, metal face seal with inner case, etc, in various materials such as NBR, Polyacrylate, EPDM, Silicon, FPM, Teflon etc.) and specifications, based on customer’s product samples or design blueprints.

We are confident of our ability to supply best-quality products and most satisfactory services, because the company has been engaged in the transportation-equipment industry for a long period since its inception as a supplier of high-level oil seals and rubber parts for automotives, trucks and trailers. In addition, we stress that our core competitive advantages lie in stringent quality control, prompt delivery, competitive price, and sincere ervice.

We also supply and develop the AM spare parts for autos, trucks and trailers according to the customer's samples and drawings: engine parts, suspension parts, steering parts, brake parts, electrical parts…. etc. Please request more detailed information on our products by email right today!


空调系统, C.V. 接头, 车用电话配件, 变速箱组件, 离合器来令片, 机油泵, 引擎附属品零件, 离合器总成, 离合器片, 冷却系统零件, 车身电系零件, 金属成型加工, 塑胶零件, 车镜, 排气系统零件, 汽车拐杖锁, 引擎电系零件, 传动系统零件, 转向系统零件, 刹车系统零件, 引擎系统, 传动轴, 电动窗, 车身零件, 头灯, 轮圈零件、配件


公司名称: 帝迈实业有限公司
地址: 105 台北市民生东路五段151-5号1楼
电话: 886-2-2747-9099
传真: 886-2-2747-9097
网址: www.demax.com.tw