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WEL-SPRING-TTK is a professional and reliable manufacturer of Cutting Tools in Taiwan for over twenty years. We are specialized in producing a wide range of end mills, extremely the Ultra Micro tungsten steel milling cutters-Solid carbide and HSS, as well as other machine tools such as reamers, tool holders, collets to meet the needs of industry worldwide. Our products are functional to work on the different cutting material (Iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium and so on) and also capable of applying on a variety of mechanical condition (traditional CNC, high speed CNC) .

TTK end mill is dedicate to its products in strictly control to ensure: * Long duration of tool life * Quality in Top Grade * Stable Performance * Convincing Cost To bring a great benefit and image in the major industries ━ automotive, Mold & Die, aerospace production, general engineering ...etc.

* Standard Designed Tools in Safety Stock * Customized tools & Technical Offered * Efficiency Inquiry Feedback * Prompt Delivery

TTK will continue its research, know-how improved, tooling upgraded and integrated manufacturing to meet market demands and satisfactory.


铣刀, 切削刀具


生产模式: OEM 委托代工 , OBM 自有品牌
外销市场: 全球
品牌: TTK
公司类型: 制造商, 进口商, 出口商, 贸易公司


公司名称: 赞琳企业有限公司
地址: 241 新北市三重区重新路四段53号6楼之一
电话: 886-2-8982-9636, 8982-9686
传真: 886-2-8982-9687
网址: www.welttk.com.tw