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Established in 1978,Jhi Lung Tools Industrial Corp.,has been devoted itself to providing better
Quality products with reliable and responsible service.
That’s why we have won a steady stream of praises and approvals from our customers worldwide.
We have been glowing steadily and stably for twenty years and we will continue to grow even
As a specialized manufacturer of hand vises as well as auto and motorcycle parts and accessories,
we provide a wide range of top quality products.
With a strong R&D team and quality first policy,we provide innovative products with superlative
Quality that bring us to the lending position of Taiwan’s hand tool industry.


钢丝钳, 长头钳, 弯头钳, 对角剪钳, 管钳, 围篱钳, 阴榫钳, 拔钉器, 虎钳, 切管器, 扳手, 裁剪工具/配件, 夹钳, 锻造品, 尖嘴钳, 滑节钳, 鱼口钳, 水管钳, 尾端夹钳, 电线剥线钳, 电缆剥线钳

公司名称: 七隆锻品工业股份有限公司
地址: 411 台中市太平区太平里永成路116号
电话: 886-4-2279-0641, 2278-7239
传真: 886-4-2278-5882
网址: www.jhilungtools.com.tw