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Founded in 1998, Skycom Tek Co., Ltd. has been winning its reputation on wireless products in Japanese market during these years. It not only devotes on wireless USB & Bluetooth applications but also on new high technology products, such as Auto-Focus CMOS camera module... etc. ?Starting 2005, Skycom Tek Co., Ltd. has endeavored to promote its premium products to European and American markets and has consequently gained even more reputation than ever. The company is not only capable to offer high quality products, but also can make designs precisely and promptly pursuant to customers request and markets demand. Furthermore, Skycom Tek Co, Ltd. has rigid worldwide partners, which have been collaborating with us for decades and offering strong backup for our new product lines. This seamless connection within Skycom Tek ?partnership commits the best product reliability and customer's satisfaction.


网路电话, 无线通讯产品, 汽车娱乐及安全系统, 耳机, 无线电对讲机, 电脑配件

公司名称: 依泰科技股份有限公司