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COLOURY is located at Changhua County in Taiwan. We provide all kinds of bicycle tools, and various types of custom bike accessories for professional assembly process to establish all the internal and external operations. Our job is to make the benefits of solutions to our customers to reduce the number of suppliers and streamlining supply chain.
Mr. Wei founded the company in 1985. This company has many years of excellent product design and processing technology experience to benefit our customers. COLOURY custom design products include bike tools, bike accessories and aluminum processing, model and mold processing. We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom parts and projects. Our products are mostly export-oriented, and the products are in strict quality requirements. With superior conditions, the specifications of our products are under the production of high quality. We have all the world's major bicycle factory close contacts, because of the recognition and trust of the industry.
COLOURY has the ability providing customized products of special specifications according to the needs of our customers. From small to large-scale production, we can provide you the expectation of high production capacity and services.
COLOURY committed to providing our customers with the best service, high quality and most competitive prices. We strive to provide the most professional and finest technical of variety customized products.


自行车用维修保养用品, 自行车配件

公司名称: 优品企业有限公司