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Today, with two factories in China, sales offices in Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan and Japan and customers in 32 countries - Fulham has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of electronic ballasts for HID and fluorescent lamps in the industry.

Fulham offers ballasts for indoor and outdoor use. Its customers include those in the lighting fixture manufacturing business, the sign industry, the POP business, the display case lighting world, the entertainment/movie lighting industry, the aquarium and pet industry, the medical industry, the juke box and arcade game world, the industrial refrigeration industry, the parking lot and street lighting business and a comprehensive program of private label manufacturing.

The company offers ballasts in 120, 230 and 277 volt configurations for fluorescent, metal halide, low pressure sodium and mercury vapor lamps.
Fulham hopes you will enjoy examining the present offering on our website and looks forward to offering you more in the future.
At Fulham - "Quality is our most important product".

Fulham has offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, United States, Holland, Australia, and Japan.


整流器, 电感安定器, 稳压器, 电子安定器, 变压器

公司名称: 北京富桦电子有限公司