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Mec-Hydro Machine Vise

Mec-Hydro Machine Vise



Functions either mechanically or hydraulically for specific purpose. Quick change system. Ideal for heavy industrial applications of
milling, drilling, shaping, grinding, routing, boring, etc. Recommend mechanical system for regular applications and hydraulic system for
heavy cuttings.
FCD-60 cast ductile iron body, tensile strength 60 kgs per mm² or 80,000 PSI.
S50C alloy steel jaw plates hardened to 58º HRC and precision ground.
Beds are flame hardened to 45º HRC & precision ground for maximum accuracy and long service life.
Spherical segment allows all directional alignment. Guaranteed no jaw lift or work tilt.
Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder. A slight push on collar switches from hydraulic system to mechanical system and vice versa.
3 preset jaw openings for extra convenience.

Mec-Hydro Machine Vise
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