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Haupt Industries, Inc. is an export company with 49 years of experiences (since 1963) dealing In

Machine Tools
Hand Tools
Garden Tools
Air Tools
Safety Equipment
Hoses & Tubes
Builders Hardware

We have been exporting only high-quality products manufactured in Taiwan to nearly all over the world and have
enjoyed wonderful sale success with high praise. If you need an experienced and reliable export company to
consolidate your orders for various items in the aforementioned categories, please contact our offices or agents in the
respective countries. Our company's policy is to work exclusively through an agent or representative in each country.
If you do not live in Japan, Brazil, Ecuador or Chile and are interested in acting as our agent for the country in which
you live, please contact any of our offices for details.


機械工具, 手工具, 園藝工具, 汽動工具, 安全設備, 軟管, 建材五金

公司名稱: 向點貿易有限公司