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HSDaimmet® ST.F. CRIMP+AI1281288+USB 2.0(TYPE A) F. W/SHIELD
HSDaimmet® ST.F. CRIMP+AI1281288+USB 2.0(TYPE A) F. W/SHIELD

產品型號:HSDaimmet__5502U10610A1 原產地:台灣


Nowadays,there is a remarkable trend towards the development of wireless communicatios and digital content for Vehicle. Homogeneous impedance controlled interconnects system for HSD transmission applications is developed by AIMMET. This will a high performance digital system for low voltage differential signals(LVDS) that prevents inference by crosstalk and external noise. Performance is achieved by using an optimized shield concept with complete braid connection to outer contact of the connector For communication on a line with only one signal conductor, information is transmitted in the form of the potential of the signal conductor refferred to ground. This is very sensitive to shift in ground poential, directly corrupting the communication. On a balance line, the communication is transmitted as a potential difference between two signal conductors. When a change of the ground poential through static or dynamic ground currents has the same effect on both signal conductors, is eliminated in the receiver, and consequently will not influence the transmitted signal. The presented method is to bear two balanced pin pairs in one connector, and to let the characteristic imoedance close to 100 omega. The two pairs are surrounded by a joint shield. The signal insulated conductors are configured as a star quad and jointly stranded. Two diagonally opposite conductors in the star quad form a differential wire pair. In this way, there is always a balanced pair on the virtual ground plane of what is the second pair. These results will cause high crosstalk attenuation. The interface of this connector is compatible with the European standards. Moreover, the applictation fields of this connector in Vehicle are: USB connections, IEEE 1394, ETHERNET and LVDS cameras, etc.

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