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Mono-Layer Extruder & Cutting Machine
Mono-Layer Extruder & Cutting Machine



Extruding is the first process of making PE tube. This process ensures glossy of surface, even thickness, and composition of plastic materials. By years research, our remarkable achievements on L.L.D.P.E. & L.D.P.E. melting, design for screw, device of die head, adoption of materials, and treatment of surface, together with making tube body acquire best effect from extruding process.
1.Screw Dia : 65 mm
2.Screw L / D Ratio : 30/1
3.Screw Type : Full Flight
4.Main Motor : 20 HP with Inverter
5.Heater : 12kw, 7 Section Control
6.Water Consumption : 30 L/min. 5~10° C
7.Power Consumption:
Medium Speed : 52kw (EDC-08-01)
High Speed : 53.5kw (EDC-12-01)
8.Extrusion Linear Speed : 6~8 m/min
9.Cutting Speed : 60 pcs/min
10.Tube Dia Range : Ø19~50 mm
11.Machine Size : 6000 X 1200 X 1800 mm

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