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1987 Our company was founded. Single -Layer Extruder (speed : 4m/min), Shuttle Injection Heading M/C , 4Color Printing M/C and Coating M/C (speed:40 pcs/min; independent from the printing machine )were developed.

1988 After the successful development ,we produced and sold Single-Layer Extruder,Shuttle Injection Heading M/C , 4 Color Printing M/C , Coating M/C and related moulds for PE tubes production.

1996 We put our emphasis on developing Single-Layer Extruder (speed: 6-8 m/min),4/6 Color Printing , Coating & Drying M/C (speed : 60-80 pcs/min),Automatic Drilling , Al. Foil Sealing & Capping M/C ,and other additional equipments.

1997 Single- Layer Extruder (speed : 6-8 m/min), 4/6 Color Printing, Coating & Drying M/C (speed :60-80 pcs/min), Automatic Drilling and Al. Foil Sealing & Capping M/C were produced and sold.

1998 We proceeded developing Two-Layer Extruder, Multi-Layer Extruder and High Speed 6 Color Printing M/C.

1999 Development of Two/Multi-Layer Extruder were finished and these two types of machines were produced and sold, a milestone for our company.

2000 New 6 Color Printing , Coating & Drying M/C was finally developed and produced.

2003 Set up machinery factory in Xiamen China specially for China market and establish tube producing and training center.
Up to now, we have sold more than 140 production lines to 19 countries worldwide. From now on, we will pay more efforts to research more advanced equipments for packaging industry of PE tubes.

Over the years there has been a change in the packaging medium of cosmetics and health care products. Squeezeable PE Tubes is an advanced packaging medium. It has glossy finish, aesthetic appeal, even thickness and very attractive in appearance after printing and coating. Seamless PE tubes are fully recyclable and eco-friendly.

Taking advantage of our experiences for over the years and making steady improvements,we have earned high reputation from users worldwide. We offer the mossuitable whole plant equipment in conformity with required out put. Even,it is rapid & economic to make different diameter of tubes by changing molds only.

We offer complete-line including technology transfer, cost analysis, layout,instailation, test run,training and satisfactory after sale services. Using our Squeezeabl PE Tube equipment is best choice of good investment, Welcome to contact us for more details any time.


塑膠軟管充填超音波封尾機, 軟管自動充填封尾機, 塑膠成型機


公司名稱: 得聿興業股份有限公司
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