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Computerized 4-6 Color Printing, Coating & Drying M/C
Computerized 4-6 Color Printing, Coating & Drying M/C



Computerized 4~6 color printing, coating and drying machine is based on highly technical of European design. And it is designed according to actual operational experience of tube factories.
 Printing blanket unit, mandrel disk unit and oven can obtain the most reasonable in line speed by using individual motor and control constant speed by computer. There are three functions of this machine : printing, coating and drying continuously.
It is most suitable for accurate & clear printing .It also provides larger printing area & half tone jobs facility.
1.Ink Unit Motor : 7.5 HP with Encoder Variable speed
2.Mandrel Unit Motor : 3HP
3.Oven unit Motor : 3HP
4.Printing Ink : U.V. Ink
5.Printing Plate : Copper, Zine, Resin
6.Corona Capacity : 1kw
7.U.V. Dryer : 4kw, Capacity : 160 w/cm2
8.Printing Dia : Ø19~50 mm
9.Printing Length : 200 mm(Max)
10.Printing Speed : 60~80 pcs/min
11.Oven Heater : 1.2 kw X 16 pcs
12.Air Consumption : 3~5 kg/cm2
13.Power Consumption : 46 kw
14.PEG Number : 1500 pcs Pitch : 7Degree
15.Machine Size : 11500 X 1570 X 2150 mm

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