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Parallel Winding Machine
Parallel Winding Machine



Features of parallel winding machine:
1. The computer controller adopts new isochronous wire, which has super high precision, will not cause problems in wire controlling.
2. Super intelligent mode, have self-inspection function; including mistake setting, super high tracing and speed calibration; newest type power supply has fine stability; vernier function can measure the width and start of parallel, and change motor speed of main axle; wire control is isochronous; when motor of main axle starts, the speed can change . Possess quick wire inspection function , can reduce speed of axle automatically. The RPM and output show automatically in operation and parking; super memory capacity; can reserve 1000 group procedure, one-grade RS-485 , which can connect with PC, convenient for winding material management.
3. Deceleration and times can adjust according to mechanical specialty, diameter and speed, one time, twice, three times.
4. Full ceramic design can protect painting insulating layer, advanced ball bearing can avoid moving; advanced motor transmission ensure real digital wire precision.

GR-204 parallel winding machine (unit: mm)
Wire diameter: Φ0.05-0.5
Max . winding speed: 6000 rpm
Max. width: 95
Max. revolving O. D. : Φ150
Num of axle: 4

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