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KNEE TYPE TURRET MILL(Step speed or Variable speed)
KNEE TYPE TURRET MILL(Step speed or Variable speed)




2M-Step speed

2VM-Variable speed

Milling Machine Feature:

* 3HP spindle motor.

* 228x1244 mm working table.

* 3 axis sideways are hardend &precisely ground.

* X/Y coated with "turcite-B".

* Spindle taper: ISO 30 or R8

* Machine dimension overall height: 2160mm.(A)

* Machine dimension depth: 1710mm.(B)

* Machine dimension width: 1680mm.(C)

* Distance from spindle nose to tablesurface: 50~460 mm. (D)

Milling Machine Standard Accessories:

1- Harden/ground on X,Y,Z axis

2- X,Y axis coated with turcite B

3- Chip rubber covers (front & rear)

4- One shot lubrication

5- Arbor drawbar

6- Tool box with tools

7- Forward/off/reverse switch

8- Coolant pump

9- Halogen work lamp

10- Power table feed for X axis

11- 5 Buttons Electric control box withpanel

Milling Machine Optional Accessories:

1-Splash guard

2-Power feed for Y axis

3-Surcharge for CE electric Box

4-Surcharge for CSA electric Box

Milling Machine Specifications:

Model: 2M/2VM


Table size:1244x228(49"x9")

No. of T-slots:3

T-slots width:16

Slideway hardened & surface ground: YES

Table surface hardened & ground: YES

Slideway dovetail "V" or square"SQ": XYZ=V


X axis:860

Y axis:330

Z axis:410

Distance from spindle nose to tablesurface:50~460

Distance from spindle center tocolumn:160~490

Travel reduced with power feed (X axis): 60

Head swivel angle(R/L): ±90

Head tilting angle(up/down): ±45

Ram travel: 350


Main Motor: 3HP

Spindle speeds r.p.m(Step Pully): 50HP/70-2310-8S /70-4620-16S
60HZ/80-2720-8S /80-5440-16S

Spindle speeds r.p.m (Mechanical Variable):50HZ/60-3600 60HZ/70-4200

Spindle speeds r.p.m (Inverter Variable): None

Spindle taper: R8 or ISO30

Spindle travel: 127

Quill feed rate: 0.04, 0.08, 0.15 mm/rev

Quill diameter: 85.7

Machine net weighet (kgs): 950

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