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HID car headlight-what is the most popular today Almost everyone know that HID conversion kit is more and more popular these years. Our company have been in these in this industry for five years. We specialized in HID bulbs and ballast manufacture since 2003 when HID began to enter into China. We are famous for HID in China today because of our good quality and service. Maybe you haven’t heard about HID ballast and HID lamp matching before. Different lamp has different parameter, people who are familiar with HID all know this. why HID lamp can not be lighted sometimes ?Because the ballast is not matching the lamp. Our ballasts match all these lamps, this can extend the lifetime of the HID lamp for 3 times. Before we send our products to the customer, all these products are tested. Only after confirming there is no problem of the products, we send them to you.. It is no need for you to worry about the quality. So many customer say our company is responsible. Besides, the traditional festival in China-Spring festival is coming, we do adjust our price. It is a good news for you. But this good news will not lasts for too long. If you want to buy these products, don't miss this good opportunity. So please don’t hesitate to contact me..

公司名稱: 浙江傅氏電器有限公司
聯絡人: 傅昌木 (董事長)