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Large Reel Slitter and Rewinder

Large Reel Slitter and Rewinder




_ Rewinding Speed: 0 ~ 1500 m/min
_ Maximum Finished Reel Diameter: 1,800mm
_ Core Inner Diameter: Dia.3"
_ Jumbo Roll Diameter: up to Dia.2,500mm
_ Minimum Slitting Width: 60mm
_ Install Power: 20 ~ 100 HP
_ Working Width: 2,000, 2,200, 2,400, 2,600, 2,800, 3,000, 3,200, 3,400mm


_ Application: Toilet Paper Ply Machine, Slitter and Rewinder.
_ The Jumbo Roll and Finished products are ascended and descended by pneumatic auto lifting device that are easy to control and operate.
_ Suitable for high speed, high productivity Toilet Roll Slitter & Rewinder.
_ Provide shear cutting with additional expander to divide the finished product.
_ Advance Touch Screen Control Panel, Fast setting Production Parameter and easy diagnostic.
_ Optional calendar, printing and perforating equipment.

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