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1982 A-PRO established in Tachia Town, Taichung, Taiwan. May 1982 .
1986 Original main products were BMX frames, front forks, brazing frames
& the assemby of completed bikes.
Pads Lin installed as the Chairman of APRO, and new facilities were
added and transferred to build MTB & Road racing frames.
1989 AutoCAD computer systems were purchased and put into use.
Aluminum frame welding was researched.
1990 Aluminum frame mass production begun .
1991 Areto established - for manufacturing butted tubing .
Aprebic established - for manufacturing front forks .
1993 A-PRO China established - for manufacturing frames and fork .
1994 Eveloped new materials for frames, like MMC and stainless .
1995 A-PRO ShenZhen began manufacturing aluminum frames .
1996 A-PRO Taiwan was certified as an ISO 9002 factory. Began
developing Aluminum Monocoque frames, Machine-center started
running suspension frames .
1997 A-PRO Taiwan started to develop shocks & electric assisted bikes .
1998 A-PRO Taiwan moved to the Youth Industrial Zone in Taichia.
A new painting facility with liquid & powder clear coating were
available. x-fusion-shox was established as a new brand of shock
absorber A-PRO Q-TEE brand of Electric bike was established, and
proengineer software was purchased and put into use for the
R&D division .
1999 A-PRO Taiwan brought a new high-strength tubing named "Alpha"
to the market. .
2000 Light weight air shock introduced to the market. E-bike Q-TEE
mini scooter on the market .
2002 A-PRO established a second China production base in Kuanshan
Shanghai. A-PRO Shenzhen was ISO9001 approved .


車架及組件, 避震器

公司名稱: 野寶科技股份有限公司