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Leaven is a leading Ultrasonic pest repeller manufacturer specialized in Ultrasonic pest repeller, Electronic mosquito repeller, Electronic pest control, Mole repeller, Attack Wave Pest repeller, Ultrasonic animal repeller, Motor mole chaser, Ionic air purifier, ION Fresher, and PIR mini alarm.

We produces all kinds of pest repeller, pest control, mosquito repeller, animal repeller, mole repeller, bird repeller, ionizer, ION Fresher, and air cleaner for get rid of mice, rats, underground rodents, moles, gophers, mosquitoes, animals, birds, dogs, cats, also ION air purifier, ionizer as well as the mini security alarms and other electronic consumer products.


驅鼠器, 驅蟲器, 驅動物器, 驅狗器, 驅蚊器, 驅鳥器, 防盜器, 空氣清淨器, 捕蚊器

公司名稱: 尚基企業有限公司