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King Henry Enterprises Co., Ltd. Was established in 1972 and has been specialized in the supply of Furniture, Furniture Hardware, all kinds of Castors for furniture and industrial purposes, Locks and components, and Plumbing Fittings. Long experience and professional knowledge in these business fields has secured reputation for us among customers as a good supplier of credibility, reliability and best services. We have confidence that King Henry Enterprises will be your best choice of business partners. Please feel free to send us enquiry for any products you need.


餐桌椅, 吧檯/椅, 塑膠凳, 應時桌, 咖啡桌, 茶几/桌, 休閒椅, 鐵製音響、視聽架, 沙發, 電視架/音響架, 其它辦公家具零配件, 金屬零件, 櫥櫃五金, 抽屜滑軌/滑軌, 塑鋼滑輪, 把手, 掛鉤, 傢俱用腳輪, 滑軌, 傢俱配件, 螺絲

公司名稱: 金亨利企業股份有限公司