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We are an experienced supplier and professional exporter of various hand tools,
air tools and electrical tools. You will be satisfied by our full range of products
under our reliable process of consolidation. We will help you to build market
presence easily by our OEM brand packing service. Continuously offering of
new products through intensive research and development will help to expand
and benefit our mutual businesses. Our quality control earning the ISO 9001
approval ensures product excellence.
Reputation, Responsibility, Reliability is our motto.


手工具, 度量工具, 氣動工具, 螺絲起子, 螺絲鉗, 切割器, 打糊槍, 噴槍, 鉚釘機, 插座, 工具組, 電工工具, 油槍, , 手工具組, 一般手工具, 精密工具組, 電腦工具組, 刀具/折彎器, 瓷磚切割器, 截管器, 一般鋸子, 手鋸, 弓鋸框, 碳化鎢尖鋸片, 一般裁切工具, 萬能鉗(夾鉗)鎖緊鉗, 自動螺絲起子, 扭力起子, 開口扳手, 一般虎鉗, 油漆刷, 油漆刮刀, 油漆工具NES, 膠槍, 汽車維修工具, 套筒扳手組/套筒, 黃油槍, 多功能工具, 磁性工具, 護面罩/工作用防護面具, 安全玻璃鏡片/護目鏡, 工作手套, 打釘槍, 手動鉚釘槍, 同軸電纜壓著鉗/裁切器, 電纜/電線/鋼絲裁切器, 電纜束拉緊工具

公司名稱: 得通實業有限公司