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Founded in 1980, Kayo Products Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a board line of industrial safety equipment featuring superlative quality backed by ANSI and CE certification.
All competitively priced to help you cut costs, our innovatively designed products ensure repeat business. When both quality and price count, you know you can count on Kayo.


安全帽, 防護面罩, 耳罩, 口罩, 安全眼鏡, 安全護目鏡, 電焊/焊接面罩, 電焊/焊接護目鏡, 手套, 塑膠鞋, 交通錐, 交通警示登, 反光片, 急救包

公司名稱: 佳堯企業有限公司