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Established in 1988, Yih Hung Metal Inc. specializes in making die-cast parts for automobiles, available in semifinished, machined, polished, plated, and assembled models. After 17 years of effort in the industry, we now focus on making a wide choice of zinc, brass and aluminum alloy die-castings for automobiles, motorcycles, lighting fixtures, furniture, furnishings, medical equipment, communications equipment, electronics/computers, and pneumatic tools, as well as hand tools & parts plus housings & bases for electric motors. With rich experience in die-casting, backed up with advanced technology, we offer products of precise and outstanding quality, yet at very reasonable prices. We also offer highly reliable services. Our responsibility is to guarantee customer satisfaction and to do our best to meet allcustomer needs. Please send your drawings or samples for quotation.


鋅, 鋁, 銅壓鑄零件, 組件, 相關鋼模設計製造, 模具, 鑄造品

公司名稱: 翌弘有限公司